World War Reddit Continues – Zelensky Flies to Visit G7 Assembly in Japan

Zelenskyy G7 Japan 2023

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky flew to Japan to visit with the assembly of G7 leaders. The G7 consists of France, Italy, USA, U.K, Canada, Germany, Japan; however, the EU commission and President also attend the summits.

The G7 is the essential influence group for the Western alliance interests and NATO in their collective effort to maintain the proxy war against Russia known colloquially as World War Reddit. Ukraine is the selected geography for the geopolitical interests of the larger western alliance. At this point in the public-facing performance, it is clear that Volodymyr Zelensky represents the puppet inside the production.

In yet another exhibition of the strangest war ever, Ukraine President Zelensky flies to Japan to meet G7 leaders and help retain public support for the NATO vs Russia proxy war and regional conflict.  The globalist leaders are going to do what they want, regardless of the opinions of the citizens they claim to represent.

There is a potential for World War III.  It is also entirely possible the WWIII fighting will not be between nation states.  A more likely WWIII will be a physical battle between the autocratic rulers of western nation states and the citizens who have had enough of their manipulative nonsense.

(Via AP) – […] Hanging over Sunday’s talks was the Russian claim that forces of the Wagner private army and Russian troops had seized the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut. The eight-month battle for the eastern city — seen by both sides as a major symbolic prize — has been the longest and likely bloodiest of the war.

Comments by Zelenskyy earlier in the day in English suggested that the Russians had finally taken the city. But he and other Ukrainian officials later cast doubt on that assessment, with Zelenskyy telling reporters in Ukrainian that “Bakhmut is not occupied by the Russian Federation as of today.”

U.S. President Joe Biden announced new military aid worth $375 million for Ukraine, saying the U.S. would provide ammunition and armored vehicles. That pledge came after the U.S. agreed to allow training on American-made F-16 fighter jets, laying the groundwork for their eventual transfer to Ukraine.
“We have Ukraine’s back and we’re not going anywhere,” Biden said.

Even before Zelenskyy landed Saturday, the G7 nations had unveiled a slew of new sanctions and other measures meant to punish Moscow over its invasion that began in February last year.

While Ukraine dominated the summit, the leaders of Japan, the U.S., the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada and Italy, as well as the European Union, also aimed to address global worries over climate change, poverty, economic instability and nuclear proliferation. (read more)


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