Joe Biden Doubles Down on Globalism at G7: U.S. Will ‘Not … Decouple from China’

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President Joe Biden doubled down on globalism at the G7 summit this week, making clear that his administration is “not looking to decouple [the United States] from China” despite millions of American jobs lost.

“Now, we’re also united in our approach to the People’s Republic of China, and the joint statement released yesterday outlines the shared principles we’ve all agreed at the G7 and beyond in dealing with China,” Biden said during a press conference Sunday in Japan:

We’re not looking to decouple from China, we’re looking to de-risk and diversify our relationship with China. [Emphasis added]

That means taking steps to diversify our supply chains, and we’re not — so we’re not dependent on any one country for necessary product. It means resisting economic coercion together and countering harmful practices that hurt our workers. It means protecting a narrow set of advanced technologies critical for our national security. [Emphasis added]

“Tell that to the 4 million American workers who have lost their jobs to China,” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) wrote in a Twitter post in response to the statement.

Biden’s remarks come after he vetoed a bipartisan-approved plan that would have reinstated U.S. tariffs on China-made solar panels — siding with the highly powerful import lobby against American manufacturers.

The comments are a rejection of economic nationalism which has been championed by a number of Republican lawmakers this Congress. Hawley, for instance, recently introduced a “Worker’s Agenda” that would see the U.S. ending its job-killing free trade policy with China.


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