Watch: Morano on OAN TV explains how Biden’s $11b ‘rural electrification’ plan is ‘a money laundering scheme for the green agenda’ 

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Morano on Biden spending $11 billion for solar & wind in rural America: “This is literally a money laundering scheme for the green agenda. That’s all this is. $11 billion to do more solar and wind which isn’t going to produce energy. At best, it’s going to make a few makeshift government jobs that expire when the money for the solar and wind mandates runs out. We’ve already been through this with Obama administration when Solyndra was booming business until it wasn’t when the money ran out. And so they’re going to make their grids less reliable, more prone to blackouts. This is truly nuts.”

Morano on pushing bug eating: “Climate policy creates food shortages — which then they can say, ‘well, here’s a solution to the problem we created with our policy, you have to eat bugs, and it’s a game changer of a problem’.  This is a real thing. They’re pushing insect eating on us by manufacturing a food crisis through bad government policy.”

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