CNN Warns Of ‘Stochastic Terrorism’ Amid ‘Totalitarian ‘Target Boycott


by Alex Christy of

The View’s Alyssa Farah Griffin and Rolling Stone’s Jay Michaelson teamed up on Wednesday’s CNN Tonight to attack conservatives for wanting to boycott Target for certain Pride-themed merchandise aimed at children. In things never said about liberal boycotts, Farah Griffin labeled it “very totalitarian,” while Michaelson warned of “stochastic terrorism.”

CNN did have an actual conservative voice in Joe Pinion to go up against Farah Griffin, Michaelson, and senior political analyst John Avlon. However, the three-on-nature of the panel—four-on-one if you count host Alisyn Camerota—meant that after references to various insanities coming out of Washington and New York he was sidelined as the other three ganged up on him

Farah Griffin portrayed herself as one of the good conservatives, unlike those Target boycotters, “I think there needs to be a reminder of what personal freedom entails.”

After paying lip service to the idea of being able to raise your child how you wish and the right to not shop at Target, Farah Griffin proclaimed “You do not have a right to tell other kids they can’t read this book about this, they can’t talk about their gay parents. They can’t buy that shirt at Target. That’s not a conservative position. It’s frankly like a very totalitarian position. We are going way too far, and I think it springs from this.”

While Farah Griffin laments the removal of certain children’s book, it was impossible to miss CNN’s hypocrisy. It’s perfectly normal to argue that children’s books should stay away from sexuality, but when Target and Amazon removed books for adults critical of gender ideology, the T-word was missing from CNN.

Farah Griffin wrapped up her remarks by urging conservatives to get with her program, “The trans community is something that, for a lot of Americans, feels new. It feels unfamiliar, and it is leading to fear-mongering and to weaponizing that community, and frankly, they’re facing threats, and I think we need to have a real conversation about loving our neighbors, understanding our neighbors, and living in communities safely.”

Cameorta then turned to Michaelson, “Jay, what about that? Because you both touched on it. He’s saying that it stems from fear, and you’re saying it’s not a rational fear, it’s a primal fear. It’s still fear. I mean, things are changing quickly, isn’t it?”

The liberal rabbi and former Merrick Garland clerk began by promoting his own 15-year old book and also hyped the opportunity for conservatives to fix themselves, “This is actually an opportunity for moral growth. We should welcome this opportunity to look at our core values, loving our neighbor, caring for respect for all human beings, making sure that nobody should live in fear.”


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