“FREEDOM!” – “QAnon Shaman” Jake Chansley Released From Halfway House, Speaks Out On His Freedom and The Power of Forgiveness

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by Jordan Conradson at thegatewaypundit.com

January 6 political prisoner Jacob Chansley, a.k.a. the “QAnon Shaman,” is finally a free man!

The Gateway Pundit recently reported that Jake was released from prison to a halfway house and was spotted at a halfway house following his prison release.

Chansley’s mother, Martha Chansley, told TGP’s Jordan Conradson in an interview before his release that she was expecting her son to be released from prison soon.

Conradson previously spoke to Chansley in 2021 from the Alexandria Detention Center in Virginia.

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The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on innocent Jake Chansley, a January 6 political prisoner and the victim of an intense leftwing smear campaign.

Jacob Chansley did not commit any violence. Jacob Chansley told others to act peacefully. Jacob Chansley said a prayer in the US Capitol and was escorted through the US Capitol by police officers. He was a prisoner of the government’s war on Trump supporters.

However, Jake is standing strong with the Christ-like spirit of forgiveness. In a new monologue released this morning, Jacob Chansley forgives his captors, the United States government. “I pray for them because that is what Christ would do,” said Jake. He further assures the world that “the truth of global corruption is simply becoming more obvious.”

Jake Tweeted,

This is Jacob Angeli-Chansley. This is my offical twitter page & my first official statement upon my release from Federal BOP custody. The time is 9:07 AM on the 25th of May 2023. FREEDOM!!!


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