Dylan Mulvaney advertises K18 hair oil

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by ALEX NITZBERGM at theblaze.com

Anheuser-Busch has been facing significant backlash since enlisting transgender figure Dylan Mulvaney to advertise Bud Light beer, but apparently that groundswell of negative consumer sentiment has not scared K18 Hair away from continuing to use Mulvaney to promote its products.

Mulvaney’s relationship with K18 apparently predates the Bud Light fiasco, as he posted a video promoting some of its products earlier this year in mid-March.

Earlier this week, Mulvaney posted a video advertising hair oil. “K18’s new hair oil is a gift from above to treat frizz and flyaways!” Mulvaney wrote. The post is labeled as a paid partnership.

People sounded off in the comments on the Instagram post.

“Give it up Dylan. No one really thinks you’re a woman,” one person commented on the post.

“Another thing to boycott,” someone else wrote.

“Dylan is not transitioning… He’s making profit by mocking womanhood maybe one day he’ll realize he could never be a woman,” someone else wrote.

“Dylan is just a guy putting on a show. Once this crazy train runs out of track he will be done playing this character,” someone declared.


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