New Climate Crisis Scare: Killer Tsunamis from the Antarctic

LI 140 Antarctic Tsunami

by Leslie Eastman at

REAL SCIENCE: Tsunami risks are associated with plate tectonics paired with the location of population.

Every so often, a climate crisis headline is so ridiculous, it has me rolling on the floor in laughter.

This week, I came across a hilarious one: Climate change could trigger gigantic deadly tsunamis from Antarctica, new study warns.

By drilling into sediment cores hundreds of feet beneath the seafloor in Antarctica, scientists discovered that during previous periods of global warming — 3 million and 15 million years ago — loose sediment layers formed and slipped to send massive tsunami waves racing to the shores of South America, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

And as climate change heats the oceans, the researchers think there’s a possibility these tsunamis could be unleashed once more. Their findings were published May 18 in the journal Nature Communications.

Of course, more fund and study is needed…because these tsunamis would be killers.

“Submarine landslides are a major geohazard with the potential to trigger tsunamis that can lead to huge loss of life. The landslides can also destroy infrastructure including subsea cables, meaning future such events would create a wide range of economic and social impacts,” study co-author Jenny Gales said.

“Our findings highlight how we urgently need to enhance our understanding of how global climate change might influence the stability of these regions and potential for future tsunamis,” Dr Gales said.


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