The Entire Transgender Craze Leads Back To One Group, And They’re Playing Hardball

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The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) is stonewalling a judge’s subpoena of internal documents related to how the medical organization came up with its guidelines for gender confused minors.

WPATH, a leading advocate for child sex changes, was subpoenaed in March by a federal judge in Alabama after the organization’s guidelines were repeatedly referenced to argue against the state’s restrictions on sex changes for minors during a lawsuit. WPATH has attempted to quash the subpoena, which a judge denied in March. The court case challenges Alabama’s law banning sex changes for individuals under 19. While WPATH argued it was a non-party to the case, the U.S. District Court Judge Liles Burke said in a March ruling that the nature of its guidelines was of “crucial import in this litigation.”

“They’re just doing everything they possibly can to not release them,” Jay Richards, Senior Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, told the Daily Caller. 

“At issue in Alabama is the evidence base for the affirmative care model, and in particular, what studies show about the effectiveness of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for treating minor children who suffer from gender distress,” Joseph Burgo, Vice-director of Genspect, told the Caller. “WPATH insists that its recommendations are science-based and supported by studies demonstrating that the medical approach is effective.”

Experts and advocates who spoke with the Daily Caller in March alleged that the subpoena could cause the entire medical organization to “come crashing down.” They said the subpoena would expose the process, or lack thereof, by which WPATH comes up with its often-cited guidance for transgender children, especially kids.

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