Biden’s Green Rules Will Cause Home Appliance Costs to Soar, Experts Warn

biden green laws home appliances

by Nick R. Hamilton at

Experts are warning that President Joe Biden’s green rules are going to cause the prices of everyday household appliances to soar.

However, tighter restrictions on home appliances mean they will also do less.

In December 2022, the Biden administration made a pledge to take “more than 100 actions” to impose significantly tighter environmental standards on consumer goods.

This promise is now becoming a reality, and consumer groups are predicting a future in which Americans pay more for products that do less.

Manufacturers, meanwhile, are warning of shortages and supply chain breakdowns.

“You’re seeing, just in the last few months, new rules from the Biden administration about clothes washers, dishwashers, and other kinds of kitchen appliances, and in every case, you’re talking about a tightening of already very, very tight standards,” explains O.H. Skinner, executive director of the Alliance for Consumers.

“That will make it so that nearly the majority of the current products on the market don’t meet the standards and have to be redesigned or removed from the market,” Skinner said.

“Everyday things that people actually want are going to get more expensive or disappear, and the products that will be available will be more expensive but not better.

“People are going to wonder why life is worse.”


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