Kirby Says He Hasn’t Read House Oversight Report Into Biden Family, Brushes Off National Security Concerns

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White House National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby said Monday he hadn’t read the House Oversight Committee’s report containing allegations about the Biden family’s alleged financial connections to foreign sources, but has “no” national security concerns about it.

The Daily Caller asked Kirby if he had read the House Oversight Committee’s May 10 report alleging that members of the Biden family had funneled $10 million into bank accounts while Joe Biden was vice president from Romanian and Chinese assets.

“Members of the committee have said that there may be several national security concerns at hand here with their alleged ties to the foreign countries. Admiral, have you read the report yourself and do you personally think there are any national security concerns here?” this reporter asked.

“No and no,” Kirby responded.

The House Oversight report includes bank records allegedly showing transfers to the Biden family through various LLCs, but does not include the president himself. 

Republican Georgia Rep. and committee member Marjorie Taylor Greene has said there are possible national security concerns stemming from the report’s findings and the committee’s ongoing investigation. The committee’s next report will include allegations about Hunter Biden’s alleged relations with foreign prostitutes, she told the Caller.

“We aren’t finished. We aren’t anywhere near finished to be able to produce a report yet,” Greene said. “The most pages on one subject is the allegations in the SARs reports that Hunter Biden was engaged in human sex trafficking… We have the names of the prostitutes and they are not all American… some of them are Russian and Ukrainian and I think that leads us to be concerned about national security… what information could they have seen?”

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