California Governor Newsom’s Actions to Reduce Emissions Conflict with The States’ Legal Framework Statutes


by Ronald Stein via

Laws focus on reducing emissions, but actions are prolifically against written statutes increase emission worldwide by “leaking” them to other countries.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has been vocal about his commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the state. However, some of his recent actions of “leaking” emissions to other countries violate many sections of the written legal framework of The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB32).

His actions have raised concerns among legal experts and environmentalists, as they conflict with the state’s existing legal framework statutes which prioritize the affordability and reliability of electricity sources over their environmental impact.

The written legal “green” framework statutes in California that Newsom circumvents are:

  • A California statute passed in 1970, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), that was signed into law by then-Governor Ronald Reagan and was the beginning of the State’s “green” movement.
  • Then in 2006, the passage of AB 32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act marked a watershed moment in California’s history. By requiring in law, a sharp reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, California set the stage for its transition to a sustainable, low-carbon future. 

Of those two voluminous documents, CEQA and AB32, Governor Newsom has chosen just five words from AB32 Section 38562 (4) “reduce toxic air contaminant emissions” as the foundation of his mandates, and his personal emission policy to clean the “air bubble” around California by leaking those emissions to others outside the boundaries of California.

Surprisingly, most of the California population commends him and remains very “supportive” of his efforts of increasing emissions at sites outside the borders of California, along with the higher taxes, inflation, and product shortages being inflicted upon the forty million residents of the state

Here are a few sections from AB 32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act that demonstrate the Governor’s actions that increase the “leakage” of emissions to developing countries clean the “air bubble” around California:

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