Could A Arab Oil Sheik Peddling UN Green Schemes Be Less Credible Than John Durham?

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by Conor

Special Prosecutor John Durham just issued a report that appears to be a continuation for the cover-up of widespread corruption at the Dept of Energy. The Biden regime recently disclosed that the Dept of Energy owns the ENERGY STAR brand, that apparently had been set-up by George H W Bush as a public/private partnership over thirty years ago. That information was made public, after the EPA released a new Smart Grid meter product line that could be worth trillions of dollars to politicians, bureaucrats and the shadowy investor/owners of the ENERGY STAR brand. Fake News and DC Swamp creatures don’t want to talk about the new Smart Home Energy Management System that may be the ultimate Deep State spy tool, because its peer review process may have been conducted by the same Intelligence Community that claimed the Hunter Biden lap-top computer was part of a Russian disinformation campaign. The FBI and DOJ knew that was a lie, but also withheld that information during the 2020 election cycle. The Durham Report proved once again that Silence is Golden for the Clinton Global Initiative, which has played a major role in most of the green schemes operated out of the UN by globalist. The average citizen has no idea how dramatically America’s energy policies have been changed, since when government first invented the commodity known as “certified” electrical energy-efficiency. This lucrative commodity is not traded on Stock Exchanges, because it has no legal definition, technical description or a mathematical formula to calculate electrical energy-savings. Yet, somehow its been generating tens of billions of dollars annually for bureaucrats, NGO’s and politicians from estimated energy-savings that are made by EPA energy experts. The EPA wants you to believe that “ENERGY STAR is providing simple, credible and unbiased information” that their customers rely on to make informed choices, but fail to disclose that ENERGY STAR’s customers are actually thousands of industrial, commercial, utility, state and local organizations. Therein lies the problem. You can’t verify what is being sold, or who is making the billions of dollars off these lucrative DOE product lines. But you are still required to pretend their science is really, real.

To fully understand the level of Orwellian double-speak required to market ENERGY STAR products, consider the agenda of the next UN confab in Dubai coming up this November. The UN’s COP 28 meeting will be presided over by Sultan Al Jaber, the chief executive for the United Arab Emirates national oil company, Adnoc. What’s the likelihood the UN dignitaries will be discussing the DOE decision from 2012 for increasing U.S. LNG exports, that was a very bad policy decision for our economy. Should you care that DOE officials knew large natural-gas companies would benefit big-time from that action, as America’s industrial sector and workers were going to get royally screwed by the aristocrats at the World Economic Forum? The DOE is the federal agency that has been conducting energy-related research for other federal bureaucracies for many decades. Its got a long history of manipulating facts, distorting policy initiatives and flipping science upside-down to fit the business-driven agenda that began after Bill Clinton first imposed his ENERGY STAR energy-efficiency mandate back in 1993. That mandate required that every sub-division of our government purchase only EPA-approved products from the DOE’s unique ENERGY STAR public/private partnership. The general public wasn’t aware that the Clinton mandate had created a massive Pay-To-Play system, forcing every agency from the local dog-catcher to the Pentagon into a procurement process with zero oversight or public accountability. That made it easy for green non-profit groups to cater to the politicians and big businesses pushing for Regional Economic Agendas, which were only open to their pals. These public/private groups could use DEI policies to exclude local small businesses from participation in their UN-based Cluster Industry business model. Green government business leaders could simply claim to be uncomfortable around American Capitalist, as an excuse to exclude their political opposition. Its possible that establishment leaders in both major parties applied this practice, which often had them working on both sides of economic initiatives against their own party members.

This is allowing political insiders to pretend that DOE’s new Clean Energy Corp are highly specialized Certified Climate Change Professionals® providing some type of valuable service for the business community. Would your business hire someone trained in the Core Competencies of the policies crafted by DOE? In 2009, Energy Secretary Steven Chu released the EPA: Lead By Example guidelines directing bureaucrats to begin claiming that ENERGY STAR products were now saving 25% to 50% more electricity than similar products, but he wasn’t announcing some type of major break-through in physics. These were purely imaginary electrical energy-savings, which existed only in the minds of bureaucrats. Those EPA guidelines were just the next phase of the Save Energy Now program, a $100 billion boondoggle that funded 200 “industrial assessments” by staff at major universities to allegedly make the industrial facilities of certain EPA Partners more productive and profitable. But only in theory, not in reality! That pathetic Save Energy Now program was launched at roughly the same time as Seattle Mayor Greg Nichel’s started the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement that had well over a 1,000 cities seeking to meet their Kyoto Protocol emission reduction levels. Mayor Nickel’s earned the 2006 EPA Climate Protection award for an initiative that resulted in a complete and total failure. Not one single city met their emission reduction goals, but all of those cities had looted their budgets to fund parties, musical venues and celebrity-filled gala events. Nobody cared if those initiatives provided any ecological benefit, which may explain why every green program ends in epic failure. Losers get paid exactly the same as winners in every green scheme.

When voters hear about a wealthy Arab Oil Sheik laying out the UN’s next phony carbon-reduction scheme, they should know that the leaders of Communist China, Venezuela and the Ukraine won’t be purchasing those premium-priced ENERGY STAR products, and they certainly won’t be worried that the DOE’s new Smart Grid meters will be used as a spy tool on Americans. Fake News outlets don’t want you to consider the legal issues related to a federal agency secretly creating For-Profit business lines, because its none of your business. This legal double-standard will surely lead to a new round of intense corporate media censorship of honest news outlets, scrubbing of on-line content and presenting of fake whistle-blowers to counter the truth that is being brought forward by real patriots.

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