Former U. Penn Swimmer Claims School Gave Girls No Choice About Competing With Trans Student Lia Thomas

Former Teammate of Lia Thomas

by Mike LaChance at

A female swimmer and former teammate of trans athlete Lia Thomas who appeared anonymously in the Matt Walsh film ‘What is a Woman?’ is now speaking out in person.

She returned to sit with Matt Walsh and divulged details about how the school handled the introduction of Thomas to the girls’ swim team. Her story does not make the school look like an honest player in this.

Townhall has details:

Former UPenn Swimmer Reveals Disturbing Details About Competing With Lia Thomas

This week, a woman who was teammates with Will “Lia” Thomas on the University of Pennsylvania’s women’s swim team appeared in an interview to break her silence about what she experienced competing and sharing a locker room with him…

Scanlan explained that she found out in the fall of 2019 that “Will” Thomas, one of the leaders of the men’s swim team, would be “transitioning to the women’s team” after taking hormone replacement therapy for a year. The women were never given their own, closed-door meeting ahead of time without Thomas in the room to raise their questions and concerns about the situation…

Regarding the locker room situation, Scanlan said that the school never spoke to the girls to inform them that they would be sharing a locker room with a male. She shared that she tried to avoid Thomas and “change as fast as possible.”

“It [the locker room] was uncomfortable. I did notice a few girls – there’s a few bathroom stalls in the bathroom – and I did notice some girls changing in the bathroom stalls for practice, which I’ve never really seen that before,” Scanlan said. “For me personally, the biggest thing was, when you’re changing, there’s all these people talking in the background, all these women’s voices, and then all of a sudden you hear a man’s voice. I’d always kind of jump a little bit [hearing Thomas’ voice].”

It’s difficult to disagree.

The school comes out of this looking terrible.

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