Miami-Dade Republican Executive Committee Goes Full Tyranny – Robert’s Rules Don’t Exist

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There is no longer any pretense of inclusivity in the Miami-Dade Republican Executive Committee.

The above flyer was passed out by someone associated with REC leadership prior to the meeting, to get their agenda and candidates passed. That is not ethical and probably illegal.

Committee leadership no longer follows the RPOF Model County Constitution which requires use of Robert’s Rules of Order (see images below).

The only thing that matters now is what leadership wants — rules, procedure, the rule of law be damned.

Robert’s Rules require unfinished business and new business per the agenda. These were not allowed in the meeting last Monday evening.

There was a motion pending from the last meeting – it was not heard, in violation of Robert’s Rules.

Points of information were raised on the floor. They were not allowed for the committee to hear.

The Miami-Dade REC has flouted Florida election code for two years now by not reporting election results to the county.

The above behavior comes on the heels of REC leadership walking out of the last meeting in March to prevent a quorum, in order to silence a motion for transparency.

The Miami-Dade GOP doesn’t care about fairness, inclusivity or diversity of thought.

It only cares about power, just like the Marxists on the other side.

Maybe that’s why they call it the Uniparty.

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