Flashback – Former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Reveals the One Document That Will Undo Biden: ‘Americans Must Demand It’

flashback former ukrainian prosecutor general reveals one document will undo biden americans must demand

by Peter Partoll at westernjournal.com

With former president Trump now facing federal charges over a litany of spurious charges, it might be time to reflect on the fact that Biden, the man whose Justice Department is behind the indictment, seemingly has some nasty secrets of his own.

On Friday, journalist Chanel Rion, chief White House correspondent for One American News Network, took to Twitter to remind Americans of a very disturbing fact – that the former Ukrainian prosecutor general has a document that could ruin the president.

Back in 2019, as Congress was getting ready to impeach Trump for the first time, Viktor Shokin, who formerly served as Ukraine’s top prosecutor, told OAN that he had been investigating the money laundering activities of Hunter Biden regarding his holdings in the company Burisma.

In the interview, Shokin alleges that he was forced to end his investigation of Hunter by the then-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who said that then-Vice President Joe Biden was threatening to withhold aid to Ukraine unless the investigation ended.

Poroshenko, who desperately needed American aid in the face of Russian aggression, demanded that Shokin halt the investigation, and when Shokin refused, he dismissed him.

Shokin then claimed that there are transcripts of Biden’s phone calls with Poroshenko that prove that he was trying to bribe Ukrainian officials to end their investigation of his son.

“The transcripts of Biden’s telephone conversations with Poroshenko is where the truth will show itself,” Shokin said, “Americans must demand it.”

“And if they do,” he continued, “they will see, broad as day, Joe Biden was illegally influencing foreign officials in order to protect his son Hunter and shield illegal money laundering activities.”

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