US needs partners to face challenges, it has no better friend than MBS: Washington Times columnist

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RIYADH: A leading American academic, specializing in US policy in the Middle East, has urged President Joe Biden’s administration to extend a “respectful” and “genuine hand of cooperation” to Saudi Arabia’s forward-thinking Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“(America) can have no better friend than Mohammed bin Salman,” wrote S. Rob Sobhani in an op-ed in The Washington Times. “More than ever, the US needs partners as it navigates challenges, from Russia, China and Iran and as it responds intelligently and constructively to cross-border pandemics, global supply chain constraints, and the recent rise of artificial intelligence as the fourth industrial revolution.”

Sobhani, an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, said the Saudi crown prince “is leading an unprecedented and groundbreaking set of reforms that are transforming the country that is most consequential for global energy security.”
With the crown prince motivated to create a “New Saudi Renaissance,” the US can find no better partner in addressing global challenges.

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