Tucker on The Indictment of Trump and America’s Principles at Stake

tucker ep 3

 by Legal Insurrection Staff

In a recent episode of his Twitter newscast, “Tucker on Twitter,” political commentator Tucker Carlson made a bold claim: Donald Trump was indicted because he dared to challenge the U.S. military industry and question America’s role in international conflicts.

Carlson argued that the elite in Washington decided to “take Trump out” because he rejected involvement in foreign wars. According to Carlson, Trump’s fate was sealed when he spoke out in the 2016 primary about Iraq.

“Whatever else you say about him, Trump is the one guy who actually has a shot at becoming president who descends from Washington’s longstanding pointless war agenda,” Carlson continued “for that, that one fact, they are trying to take Trump out before you can vote for him.”

We agree with Carlson—that should upset you even if you don’t want to vote for Trump.

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