Two Facts About Trump’s Prosecution You Won’t See On CNN


by Wes Walker at

The Corrupt Corporate media has been cheering on the 45th President’s demise since… pretty much his inauguration.

There was no Honeymoon period in his Presidency. There was hostility right out of the gate. (Just ask Sean Spicer).

Needless to say, the networks that carried the flag for the false-on-it’s-face claims behind the Russian Collusion hysteria, and the ‘perfect call’ impeachment, the ‘insurrection’ narrative were going to do more of the same with the boxes indictment.

They are waxing eloquent on all the ways that, this time, their dreams of ‘the walls closing in’ on Trump are actually true.

What you won’t find them talking about are any problems you might find with the charges being dropped on him… or the people dropping them.

They can line up expert after expert to tell us about ‘obstruction,’ classification markings, or the Espionage Act.

But have any of them weighed in on problems involving the team running the prosecution?

How about the fact that they actively LIED to the courts in hopes of getting a more favorable outcome?

You’ve heard plenty of bleating about what a horrible thing it is to get the judge for this case, right? But have you heard that they tried to rig the system knowing that this very same judge already had some rightful jurisdiction in this case?

There is a series of questions the prosecution must answer, including one in which they are asked whether this case has been before any judges in this district court before. As you will remember, he fought to have a ‘Special Master’ oversee the process to determine who had the right to which documents the DOJ had taken.

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