Anger Grows Across Europe Over EU’s Mandatory Migrant Quotas

2023 06 15 14 41 12

by John Cody on

“Should the law pass the European Parliament, the FPÖ demands a referendum in Austria on this asylum package, because this agreement does nothing to turn Europe into a fortress”

Conservative European parties, as well as governments like Poland’s, are launching various measures to push back against a new EU law that will lead to forced migrant relocations across Europe. The law could particularly affect nations such as Hungary and Poland that have been traditionally opposed to mass immigration, but other conservative parties from countries like Germany and Austria are also calling for referendums and other actions against the EU’s migrant quota scheme.

In Poland, the country’s parliament has launched a video campaign against the measure and is about to adopt a resolution proposal authorizing the government to exercise its veto power and not accept the proposal on migrant quotas at the next EU summit. There is also talk of putting the question of mandatory migrant quotas to a national referendum, which will run simultaneously during national elections this autumn.

In Austria, meanwhile, an online petition was launched to reject forced resettlement, while the German right has also protested the controversial new measure.

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