Swalwell: GOP Wants ‘Rule of Mob with Trump as the Lead Mobster’


by PAM KEY at breitbart.com

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said Thursday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that the Republicans who continue to support Donald Trump after his indictments want “rule of mob” with the former president “as the lead mobster.”

When asked about Republicans’ complaints about a two-tiered justice system, Swalwell said, “They don’t want a rule of law. They want a rule of mob with Donald Trump as the lead mobster. That’s clear now. But the truth is, they have run this play before. Right? Donald Trump got impeached because he tried to use taxpayer dollars to get dirt on Joe Biden. And it turns out, there was no dirt on Joe Biden. He just was impeached for the conduct. And then he launched this Durham report to try and undo every finding of the Russia investigation. This was his special counsel under his Department of Justice, and no indictment of consequence was brought. In fact, the two jury trials that happened, the jurors returned ‘not guilty’ verdicts.”

“And there’s no evidence that Bill Barr ever told Durham he couldn’t indict someone that he wanted to indict,” he continued. “And so, I just think the Trump Administration — or the Trump team doesn’t know how to define Joe Biden, right? They want him to be sleepy Joe and corrupt Joe. And you can’t be both sleepy and corrupt. And the truth is, he is neither. And it’s just a lack of being able to define him because they fear him, so now they’re going to threaten him.”


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