EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: White Leftist Threatens To Call Police On Black Daily Caller Reporter At LGBT Rally

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by JAMES LYNCH AND COREY WALKER at dailycaller.com

Daily Caller reporter Corey Walker was confronted by pro-LGBT protestors who yelled at him with racially charged remarks and threatened to call the police while he recorded footage of a rally for transgender rights Friday night.

At one point during the LGBT rally, a white women threatened to call the police on Walker, who is black, for taking footage and asking questions. She also told Walker she did not want to “deal with a black man” who was being a “dick” to protestors.

The “DC Dyke March” is an annual protest march to bring visibility to the lesbian community and it took place at Lafayette Square in downtown Washington, DC. The 2023 iteration of the event, which changes themes each year, focused on issues impacting the transgender community. The event featured many trans-identifying individuals dressed as women and some were topless, despite children being in attendance.

Daily Caller reporter Corey Walker asked one of the event organizers— formally known as “Dyke Marshals”— for a comment regarding the event and issues affecting the broader LGBT community.

The event organizer asked which publication he worked for and Walker replied with “Daily Caller.” After researching the publication on a cell phone, the organizer refused to answer Walker’s questions.

“Why would you be out here shilling for fucking right-wing extremists? What’s wrong with you, you don’t have no fucking home training?” the organizer asked Walker,

He responded by attempting to lower tensions by apologizing, but organizer took issue with the use of gendered language in Walker’s apology. Earlier in the evening, a volunteer with the march told Walker that the organizer used “they/them” pronouns.

“I’m sorry ma’am,” Walker stated.

“I’m not a ma’am. You don’t even know me,” the organizer said, despite appearing to be female.

The organizer instructed other event participants to not speak with Walker, saying “he’s [a] right-wing pundit.”

A volunteer with the march attempted to get Walker to leave, a request that he refused. Moments later, a swarm of volunteers with black umbrellas swarmed the Daily Caller journalist and attempted to obstruct his video recording.

Walker attempted to evade the umbrellas and then he encountered a group of event attendees who were supposedly unaffiliated with the official march. The event participants attempted to get Walker to leave and he refused.

“I hope you’re on the right side of this too, right,” a woman asked.

“Well, I’m a journalist. So, I’m not on any side,” Walker replied.

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