IRS Run Amok

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Armed IRS agents raid Montana gun shop; agent uses fake name to enter Ohio woman’s home

Remember when failed presidential candidate and current senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren promised that IRS Will Have “Super Duper Enforcement” Powers?

Apparently, she got her wish when Democrats and the Biden administration made the IRS one of the largest government agencies with the insultingly-named “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Here’s some of our previous coverage:

While Republicans have vowed to defund these efforts, they really don’t have the power to do so, holding only the House by the narrowest of margins.

Apparently, 2024 candidate for the GOP presidential nomination and former Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson is running around with his albatross GOP of yore dragging along behind him as he whinges on about how the big meanies in the new and improved GOP need to stop talking about the weaponization of government.

The Hill reports:

Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, one of several GOP presidential candidates, on Sunday warned his fellow Republicans to “back off” allegations that the Justice Department has been “weaponized.”

. . . .  “And so let’s back off of these accusations, and let’s get back to being the party of the rule of law, of the justice system supporting law enforcement and the equal application of law. Let’s don’t undermine the greatest justice system and criminal justice system and rule of law in the world today, this side of heaven,” Hutchinson said.

This flowery nonsense is simply not tethered to reality. It’s not even tethered to this century.


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