Colin Kaepernick Says ‘White Supremacy Persists’ Because Of ‘Capitalism’ While Promoting Book Featuring Marxists

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Colin Kaepernick claimed “white supremacy” still exists today partially due to “capitalism” in an interview with The New Republic published Monday.

Kaepernick, a former NFL athlete and activist, discussed the new anthology he co-edited with Robin D.G. Kelley and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, two prominent black Marxists, titled “Our History Has Always Been Contraband: In Defense of Black Studies,” which “makes the case that Black Studies is a crucial tool in fighting back against a white supremacist political agenda,” according to The New Republic. Kaepernick explains in the interview that capitalism is partially responsible for the perpetuation of “white supremacy” and “heteropatriarchy.”

Kaepernick said that he has “admired” Taylor and Kelley for their position “that Black liberation simply isn’t possible under capitalism.”

“I think the anthology makes this argument quite well, and I hope it challenges readers to see that racism is not white supremacy’s only ingredient,” Kaepernick said about the book. “White supremacy persists in part because of its relationship with capitalism, heteropatriarchy, ableism, and so on.”

The book includes essays from Kaepernick, as well as several other prominent individuals such as activist and University of California, Santa Cruz professor Angela Davis and sociologist and historian W.E.B. Du Bois, on the topics of “feminist theory, queer studies, abolition, reparations, education, history, and more,” according to The New Republic. When asked about his previous comments about Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ crackdown on books on Critical Race Theory and gender for elementary and high school students, Kaepernick said that black studies “threatens the white supremacist status quo.”

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