Senate Democrats Want to Change Rules Because Sen. Tuberville Put on Hold Biden’s Military Promotions

Tommy Tuberville

by Mary Chastain at

Shorter Democrats: We didn’t get our way so we must change the rules!

Democrat senators are the biggest babies. Every time something doesn’t go their way, they want to change the rules.

When they do, it always backfires. It’s a lesson I hope they never learn.

The Democrats are crying because Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) put a hold on President Joe Biden’s military promotions over the Pentagon’s abortion policy.

In October, the Pentagon announced it would pay for service members and their dependents’ travel expenses to get abortions.

Which rules should they change? All options:

“I do think we need to look at reforming the rules. I’ve thought for a long time we should reform the rules, and this is Exhibit A of why we need to do that,” said Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.). “It is hurting the country badly, and the Senate has the obligation to allow every member to have his or her say but not shut down the entire process.”

“This is eating away at our national security, it’s putting our national security at risk and the longer it goes on, the more dangerous it can get,” he said.

Asked what type of rules reform he would like to advance to respond to Tuberville, Van Hollen said they “should examine at all the options.”

“You can look at very narrow changes to address this situation. You can also look at broader reforms to improve the process by which we consider nominees, generally. There have been a number of proposals that have been looked at over the years,” he said.

Extremist Republicans! At least they didn’t say MAGA REPUBLICANS! From The Hill:
“We need to talk about changing rules that Republicans have learned to exploit. We can’t continue in a world where one senator puts our entire national defense at risk because he doesn’t like one policy followed by the Department of Defense,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. She has repeatedly asked for unanimous consent to advance Biden’s nonpolitical military promotions only to be blocked by Tuberville.
“Sen. Tuberville’s hold is just another indication of the madness that seems to have seized extremists in the Republican Party,” she said.

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