Unequal Justice: Hunter Gets Exactly The Slap On The Wrist Republicans Predicted


by Jeff Dunetz at lidblog.com

Ted Cruz was one of many Conservatives on record saying that (1) Trump would be indicted, and (2) Hunter would be charged so that it gives a bogus appearance of FBI even-handedness.

The charges against Hunter would be carefully framed to exclude any allegations in which he and his father are exposed to specific criminal liability — say bribery, racketeering, or money laundering-type charges.

Now that Trump is staring down hundreds of years of jail time for refusing to give up documents in his possession that he may (or may not) have been required to hand over, the years-long investigation into Hunter Biden has miraculously wrapped up.

Imagine that. The FBI’s big Trump indictment came down at exactly the time when Grassley made his public announcement about Joe Biden being personally named in the FBI as being involved in a $5M bribery scheme with Burisma… and then, while the polls are showing that the public is seething about a politicized FBI we have Hunter Biden making a plea deal with the FBI.

It’s hard to say whether our exclusive ‘Hunter’s Laptop Matters’ shirts (and mugs) or our ‘Corrupt FBI’ line of merch would be more on point with this story. Since the FBI has more choices, let’s give you that banner to look at as you continue reading:

CNN had a short and sweet summary of what we know so far:

Hunter Biden will plead guilty to two tax misdemeanors and struck a deal with federal prosecutors regarding a felony gun charge, the Justice Department said Tuesday in court filings.

The plea deal will have immediate reverberations in the 2024 presidential election.

This story is breaking and will be updated. — CNN

He is unlikely to face any prison time.

This deal is silent about any of his foreign business dealings and the recently-revealed allegations of bribery… despite the specific issue of Hunter and Joe Biden’s role in a $10M bribes-for-policy corruption scheme involving shell companies and money laundering being a VERY prominent part of headlines and DC conversations in the last few weeks.

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