WHY ARE CELEBRITIES PUSHING THIS BEHAVIOR? Sick Video Shows NFL Hall-of-Famer Michael Strahan Praising Little Boy Who Danced For Money In Gay Bar 

desmond dance gma

by Patty McMurray at 100percentfedup.com

Why are celebrities pushing for young children to become integrated into the adult LGTBQXYZ+ and drag world?

Desmond is Amazing is a child who began dancing in front of adult men for money at a very young age.

In one of his recorded performances, then 11-yr-old “Desmond is Amazing” can be seen dancing for grown men handing and throwing dollar bills at the 11-year-old boy dressed in drag at “3-Dollar Bill,” an adult gay bar in New York City

Here’s a short clip of the young boy being showered with money by adult men who are excitedly cheering for him while he dances on the stage of the gay bar

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