Disney’s Diversity Chief Steps Down as Company Struggles With String of Failures

Latondra Newton LI

by Mike LaChance at legalinsurrection.com

Disney’s chief diversity officer Latondra Newton is leaving the company as they contend with many box office failures and controversies.

It’s not clear whether Newton quit or was fired, but the timing of her departure seems significant.

Variety reports:

Disney’s Chief Diversity Officer Latondra Newton Exits (EXCLUSIVE)

Disney’s chief diversity officer and senior vice president Latondra Newton is exiting her role after more than six years, according to an internal memo obtained by Variety.

An individual with knowledge of the situation says that Newton will be joining the corporate board of another company soon, and plans to devote more time to her self-owned creative company.

In her role as head of DEI operations at Disney, Newton was charged with overseeing the company’s “commitment to produce entertainment that reflects a global audience and sustains a welcoming and inclusive workplace for everyone.”

Upon her departure, Newton’s direct reports will report to Julie Merges on an interim basis until a new chief diversity officer is named. Shelby Curry and the DEI internal communications team will continue to report to internal communications and engagement exec Carrie Brown.

While they have been waging war with Ron DeSantis, Disney has come under fire for pushing racist lies about America and woke gender nonsense.

And of course, who can forget this gem? In 2022, a Disney producer bragged about pushing a ‘not-secret’ gay agenda:

The New York Post has more:

Disney’s chief diversity officer Latondra Newton is reportedly leaving the company — ending a six-year stint that generated controversies as the Mouse House adopted “woke” policies that have alienated many of its core customers.

Last year, Disney World in Orlando, Fla. grabbed headlines when it did away with its longtime greeting, “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” from its Magic Kingdom fireworks show to promote inclusivity.

“We want to create that magical moment with our cast members, with our guests,” Newton said at the time. “And we don’t want to just assume because someone might be in, our interpretation, may be presenting as female that they may not want to be ‘princess.’”

On Newton’s watch, Disney also ditched “fairy godmothers” for more inclusive, gender-neutral titles at dress-up boutiques inside its theme parks.

What a legacy she is leaving behind.

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