Bregrets? There Are A Few…



Seven years ago to the day, the UK voted to leave the European Union – a result which shocked even some of those campaigning for it, and one which changed the political landscape in Europe forever.

Forever? According to a poll being reported on today, support for rejoining the EU has never been higher since the UK’s political divorce from the mainland (58%).

As Statista’s Martin Armstrong shows in the infographic below, using data from another new survey, support for reversing the move isn’t exclusive to those that chose ‘Remain’ or didn’t vote back in 2016.

While still a minority, 12 percent of ‘Leave’ voters are now displaying signs of ‘Bregret’, saying they would support or strongly support a return to the European fold.

You will find more infographics at Statista

Whether the political will, for what would arguably be an equally momentous decision, exists to any significant degree within the major parties remains a significant doubt.

If there were to be a changing of guard at the next general election though, and public opinion continues in its current direction, ‘never say forever’ could be a motto to emerge out the Brexit ashes.

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