Democrat Tactic On Biden Family Corruption: “They’re going to make this the story of the addicted son and loving father”

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by Fuzzy Slippers at

“and simply count on the media to ignore all the evidence of Biden Sr’s involvement in corruption and influence peddling,” notes Inez Stepman

There was a key moment during the ObamaCare debate that my eyes rolled so far back in my head that I nearly lost my balance. It was when some Democrat testified, near tears, that she personally knew a pair of spinster sisters who shared a single pair of dentures. Only one could eat food at a time because they had to switch out who was toothed and who was not.

Seriously? You, a multi-millionaire from “legal” (only for Congress) insider trading, literally know someone who cannot afford dentures and won’t fork out a grand to help them out?

That is when I well and truly understood how callous and disgusting Democrats are. But I also understood—after hearing false stories for decades about little old ladies eating cat food to survive—that Democrats don’t care about people at all. They care about control, they care about power. They can literally meet with and befriend people they claim can’t eat food without the benefit of shared dentures and amble off to their million-dollar homes to . . . rage at “America” for the injustice.

That’s not humanity, that’s not kind or compassionate or good. That’s callous and cruel and disgusting.

The “bleeding heart liberals” we all disdained aren’t bleeding hearts at all. They cynically use sometimes real world situations to tug heart strings in their never-ending bid to gain power, money, and control. That was the lesson I learned from that tearful shared dentures ‘narrative.’

And it’s evidenced again as the Democrat hacktivist media furiously spins, bobs, contorts, and weaves to turn the corrupt Biden family influence peddling ring into a story of victimization and fatherly love.

We’ve been documenting the Biden family corruption and influence peddling ring here at LI; here are a few of our posts on the topic.


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