New Poll Shows Nearly Two-Thirds of Californians Thinking About Leaving the State

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By Travis Gillmore at

A majority of Californians are considering moving to another state, according to a recent survey (pdf) conducted by Strategies 360—a research and communications firm focused on public affairs.

Respondents reported dissatisfaction with the high cost of living as a primary factor in their desire to move elsewhere, with 40 percent saying they are somewhat or very serious about leaving and another 24 percent saying they are thinking about it, but not too seriously.

Approximately one-third said they were not considering leaving at all, and three percent were not sure.

Issues leading to dissatisfaction included economic uncertainty, expensive housing and living costs, public safety, political polarization, and the state’s education system, according to the survey.

Affordability was the reason 61 percent reported wanting to leave, and 27 percent said the state‘s policies and laws that do not reflect their political views are driving them to look elsewhere.

Many have already made the decision to move, with California losing more than 800,000 people—about half the population of Nebraska—after deducting those that moved in over the last three years, according to data released by the state’s finance department.

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