Did OMG Just Disclose The Secret For Green Success At The Prosperity Partnership?


by Conor Coughlin at substack.com

Recently the Okeefe Media Group (OMG) provided video evidence confirming that our highest level politicians would sale out their nation for a few bucks, but also that bureaucrats would engage in that same behavior for free. As someone that has been labeled as a Knuckle-Dragging Neanderthal, allow me to add some addition facts worth considering. That clandestine endeavor was not isolated to Blackrock, an investment group that was founded in 1988 to provide advisory and risk management services as a fiduciary for their clients. Those clients included many of the largest corporations, bureaucracies and Intelligence Communities on the planet, which are now seeking to cash-in on a unique form of government green. The entire New World Order had been built around a theory that Global Warming was occurring, which was presented as the consensus opinion of a group of government scientist. You may have been informed that their Sky-Science was settled, but there was never mention of technical papers like the Poised For Profit reports used to craft the business model for the NWO. Electricity is the reason for the media blackout, because it provides the primary component for a new electrical commodity called government “certified” energy-efficiency that was invented by lawyers for the for the ENERGY STAR program. When the former UN Ambassador George H W Bush began pushing the green agenda for his New World Order, it utilized scientific research funded by the Dept of Energy, not NASA. That’s because electricity is a real commodity. Regardless of what any State lawyer may claim, government “certified” electrical energy efficiency is not real, its a complete myth. An easily provable lie, that has been pushed under “color of authority” by corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and spooks seeking to profit through what is known as “Regulatory Capture” over energy markets. This unique government commodity has allegedly been generating tens of billions of dollars annually for decades, and is marketed exclusively by State-Owned Enterprises like the Prosperity Partnership to domestic and foreign partners. There is no legal definition for this government product, no technical description of how it works and no mathematical formula to calculate or verify that any electrical energy-savings have been achieved. ENERGY STAR owns this unique commodity, but God only knows who owns the ENERGY STAR brand.

The OMG video didn’t reveal a newly discovered secret about the tactics of Blackrock, it simply provided video evidence that indicated why other whistle-blowers had been censored, suppressed and sanctioned for revealing those same corrupt practices for several decades. Thousands of real scientist, engineers and scholars had been targeted by government agents, for questioning the credibility of the pure Junk Science propping up the value of a government product line. While a NASA scientist may have presented a theory about Greenhouse Gases causing weather problems, it was former CIA Director Bush that had Dept of Energy bureaucrats craft his ENERGY STAR program to allegedly cure the nonexistent problem back in 1992. It was George Bush’s most trusted wing-man, Bill Coverup-General Barr that was placed in charge of the legal frame-work for the DOE’s new money-making business venture. As our nation was focused on the drama from the Iran Contra scandal, AG Barr was recommending that President Bush pardon several high-ranking administration officials, which were convicted in that long-running fiasco. Recently the Biden regime had revealed that the ENERGY STAR program had originally been set up as a public/private partnership thirty years ago, but nobody bothered to inform the public about that fact until around January of 2023. That’s when the EPA released a new Smart Home Energy Management System that may be the ultimate spy-tool, which also could potentially be worth trillions of dollars to the secret private-sector investors that control this Dept of Energy business line. That same group of political insiders were described in a 2014 Senate minority report on the EPA’s Billionaire Club, as receiving tens of billions annually with no accountability to tax-payers or oversight by Congress. If you’re unfamiliar with the ENERGY STAR enterprise, its because Blackrock clients are the only ones allowed to profit from this unique commodity, which has bureaucrats estimate its financial value based on “deemed” electrical savings.That twisted business model was made possible by Energy Secretary Steven Chu in 2009, with the release of the EPA: Lead By Example guidelines that instructed bureaucrats to claim that ENERGY STAR “certified” products were now producing 25% to 50% electric energy-savings, which then could be used for calculating imaginary reductions in Greenhouse Gas emissions. That upside-down electrical theory was then used to manipulate multi-trillion dollar energy markets with a NASA theory presented as science, and aUN belief that paying a premium price for imaginary electrical energy-savings was the solution. At the same time the far-left Guardian Newspaper produced a news report about secret plan by the CIA & State Dept to manipulate the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit in 2009, with a corrupt diplomatic effort to overwhelm all opposition with bribes, extortion and threats. That Guardian News article was found on WikiLeaks in 2016, after the Deep State began portraying Julian Assange as a Russian tool.

To be clear, we are talking about vague ideas here. Not real products, or legitimate services provided by any known entity. The public had to be kept in the dark on these matters, because these ideas can not be presented in the light of day. They do not exist! They can’t stand up to any type of scrutiny, because that would require something to examine in the first place. Even if you wanted to purchase some of those cutting-edge products, how would you go about that process? Do you really believe that the DOE created an industrial-grade of “energy efficiency” products just for Globalist? Or is more realistic to believe that the political elites have created organizations like the Prosperity Partnership in the Puget Sound, and are marketing phony ‘green’ products through secretive Regional Economic Agendas that are controlled by bureaucrats? Independent voters need to stop pretending to believe in magical solutions, to cure imaginary problems with the weather. Our thoroughly corrupt media may believe that State universities and National Laboratories have actually invented real-world products and services, but can’t explain why after thirty years not a shred of evidence for any electrical energy-savings has been provided by ENERGY STAR. None of this information is particularly new at all, these are the exact same claims that have been suppressed by the media and scientific community for many years.

The far larger issue that needed to be hidden from the public, relates to what is known as the Sokal Affair. In 1996, a physicist named Alan Sokal had submitted a hoax paper to test the Intellectual Rigor of the “peer review” process at Social Text, an academic journal of Cultural Studies. It demonstrated that editorial laziness was a real problem, and that the nonsensical content of his article was irrelevant as to whether editors would publish it. In 2005, some MIT graduates developed a program known as SCIgen, a software program that generated “gibberish” using big words strung together that were accepted by premier scientific journals. Over a decade later, that same Junk Science was still being debated as if it was a recent discovery. In 2014, the Senate released another report on the EPA’s Playbook Unveiled: A Story of Fraud, Deceit, and Secret Science about the actions of John Beale, the EPA employee that crafted one of the most controversial and far reaching regulations ever issued by the Agency. John Beale was a top EPA official that was sent to prison for defrauding the EPA out of nearly a million dollars, while pretending to be a CIA agent engaged in clandestine operations. Keep those facts in mind when considering the OMG video, because the political pay-offs of politicians is only one part of the Green New Steal.


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