Republicans Introduce Bill Affirming Congressional War Powers in Relation to NATO’s Article 5



Republicans Are Up To Something. Ian miles Cheong Thinks They Want War… Never ends for the Deep Staters…

In a recent move, a group of Republicans in the House and Senate, led by Sen. Rand Paul and Reps. Chip Roy and Warren Davidson, introduced a bill aimed at reaffirming that NATO’s Article 5 does not supersede Congress’s authority to declare war or authorize military force. The bill seeks to address the long-standing misconception that Article 5 obligates the United States to provide automatic military support to NATO allies in the event of an attack.

Sen. Rand Paul explained the purpose of the bill, stating that it aims to reassert that Article 5 does not negate Congress’s responsibility to make decisions regarding war and military engagements. While Article 5 establishes mutual defense commitments among NATO member states, it does not mandate immediate military intervention by the United States.

Lindsey Graham is preparing to false flag a nuclear disaster in Ukraine to trigger Article 5 and get the US directly involved with ground forces to fight against Russia. World War 3 here we come.

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