‘A Diversion’: Parents Of Un-Enrolled Kids Say Ohio Private School Sicced FBI On Them To Cover Up Alleged ‘Tax Fraud’

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by HAROLD HUTCHISON at dailycaller.com

Two mothers whose children were un-enrolled from an Ohio private school said Monday that the school sicced the FBI on them to act as a “diversion” for potential “tax fraud,” which the parents allegedly uncovered after looking at the institution’s financial statements.

Amy Gonzalez and Andrea Gross told Fox News host Jesse Watters they just “followed the money” when they began asking questions about the Columbus Academy’s finances and curriculum. Their daughters were not re-enrolled at the institution after the 2020-2021 school year in alleged retaliation for their questioning of “political bias” at the school, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday. (RELATED: ‘Expose These People Publicly’: Parents Against Critical Race Curriculum Listed By Teachers Attempting To ‘Infiltrate’ Them)

“I think it’s interesting that they say they didn’t write a letter,” Gross told Watters. “What they actually did was, the headmaster and the head of the security sat down a thousand faculty members on the floor and told him they had alerted the FBI to Amy and I. And this is after having called the local police department to file a police report against us. When they were speaking to the teachers, the message was very clear to the teachers: When they left they were to be afraid of us and fearful.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland wrote a memo sent out Oct. 4 that announced the formation of a task force as protests against school boards across the country that centered on mask mandates and Critical Race Theory (CRT) emerged.

CRT holds that America is fundamentally racist, teaches people to view every social interaction and person in terms of race and which seeks to hold groups of people accountable for the actions of their ancestors, gained prominence across the country.

“We know, after looking into their financials, that those were are all a diversion for us to not dig deeper into what the finances were. There’s nothing old about this,” Gross said. “The new thing about this is the 990s that we hope everyone will look at. Those are public records. We had the opportunity to have an accountant take a look into those very carefully. What we have found is significant instances of violations of what we believe to be 501(c)(3) tax fraud.”

“We hope to catch the attention of your prior guest, Jim Jordan. I know they’re doing some important committee work about weaponizing federal agencies against parents and citizens who want to protect their children,” Gonzalez said. “We’re hoping they will look into this and set this up as an example for parents around the country to stand up and speak out.”

Tim Leet, the “ethics and character” coordinator at Columbus Academy, berated critics of using CRT in the curriculum in a May 2021 email, six weeks before Gross and Gonzalez’s children were unenrolled from the school.

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