Analysis Discovers 8,241-Vote Discrepancy Between Voters Listed as Voting and Number of Ballots Counted in Arizona – Nearly 30 TIMES Margin of Victory in Abe Hamadeh’s Race

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by Jordan Conradson at

A new report from the America First Policy Institute finds a potential 8,241 vote discrepancy between the total ballots counted and the number of registered voters who voted in Arizona’s 2022 election.

This is a huge discrepancy considering that Abe Hamadeh allegedly lost his race for Attorney General by just 280 votes. This also makes up about half of Kari Lake’s reported loss by just over 17,000 votes.

Both are still fighting lawsuits challenging the results of their fraudulent election. A recent trial in Lake’s lawsuit exposed Maricopa County’s fraudulent mail-in ballot signature verification standards, but the weak judge dismissed her case. Kari Lake announced she will appeal the ruling and take her case all the way to the United States Supreme Court if necessary.

Abe Hamadeh’s Motion for New Trial is still under advisement following a hearing last month. Hamadeh’s race was decided by 280 votes after a “significant miscount” of hundreds of votes was discovered in rural Pinal County’s recount results. This newly discovered evidence was “intentionally withheld” by Katie Hobbs and justifies a new trial, argued Hamadeh’s attorney Jen Wright. Additionally, Wright told the court, “Maricopa did not provide provisional ballot information until after trial, information that had it been timely provided, we would have been able to address those problems we found at trial.”

Abe’s team has obtained hundreds of declarations from voters whose ballots were improperly rejected on election day.

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