U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hosts Former Acting CIA Director Mike Morrell for Discussion to Help Multinational Corporations Engage with Fourth Branch of Government

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by Sundance at theconservativetreehouse.com

The larger story behind this recent Intercept Article is the headline you just read. Let’s talk….

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a representative organization in the United States that lobbies Congress.

The CoC represent the interests of the multinational corporations who use K-Street and J-Street in DC to write rules, regulations, policies and laws as part of their corporate control over U.S. wealth.  That’s what the CoC does.  That’s the entire purpose of the Chamber of Commerce.

The CoC has long been in the background of our political discussions.  During the Obama administration, the Dept of Commerce literally permitted the Chamber of Commerce to write U.S. trade language – physically write the words that go into U.S. trade deals with other countries.  This was the era of maximum value for the CoC that saw their coffers swell, as multi-billion-dollar multinational corporations realized the CoC was in the business of literally controlling the U.S. capitalist economy.

The arch nemesis of the CoC was President Donald Trump, who threw the CoC out of the room when decisions were being made about trade and economic policy.  This was the era of minimum value for the CoC, when corporations were no longer getting to influence the policy.  The CoC then turned to their purchased politicians in Congress, specifically to their #1 ally Mitch McConnell, to ask for help in overcoming the problem that Trump and his America First agenda represented.

As the MAGA America First economic and trade influence in Congress increased, the CoC had trouble because Trump would target any of the Republican CoC beneficiaries, and that could result in a career ending primary challenge.  The Republican wing of the UniParty had a tough time supporting Tom Donohue who was CoC president at the time.

The result was an angered CoC turning instead to the Democrat wing of the UniParty with an offer of an open checkbook.  The Democrats then became the lifeline for the CoC to remain in control of the economic outcomes from policy, regulation and law.  In essence, the mechanism of CoC influence flipped from purchased Republicans to purchased Democrats.   At the time of this paradigm shift, it was noted by media but not understood at its root cause.  I just explained the correct context and reason for it.

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