Zelensky Returns to Public Relations and Propaganda — Visits with Pence and Greta Precede Statements About Victory in Ukraine

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by Shawn Bradley Witzemann at thegatewaypundit.com

With plans to fortify or perhaps even cancel the upcoming election finalized, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is back to public relations — working tirelessly to spread globalist propaganda — grifting along on his way to World War III. 

As reported on June 26 by The Gateway Pundit, Zelensky says he will cancel elections next year if Ukraine is still at war. The announcement followed a 2022 law that bans domestic opposition from participating

In a Twitter statement today, the Ukrainian President is back to campaigning. 

“Today is the first anniversary of the liberation of Snake Island from the Russian invaders,” Zelensky says, “Russian terrorists needed Snake Island to destroy the entire south of our country, our beautiful Odesa, and other cities. Our soldiers stopped them and drove them out of Snake Island.”

Zelensky’s tweet follows a Thursday meeting with Swedish Climate Change Activist Greta Thunberg. 

TIME reports the two met with “prominent European figures who are forming a working group to address ecological damage from the 16-month-old Russian invasion.”

Perhaps more notably (but maybe not), U.S. Presidential Candidate Mike Pence dropped in for a surprise visit with the Ukrainian darling of the Great Reset. 

Meanwhile, reports of forced mobilization continue to surface despite Zelenski’s efforts to project victory over Russia. 

“Ukraine and Ukrainians are much stronger than anyone thinks about us,” Zelensky says, “Sometimes, stronger than we are used to thinking about ourselves.”

Although the Institute for the Study of War reports offensive gains on June 29th after “UKR forces seized the “strategic initiative” in the #Bakhmut direction,” it’s hard to believe anything out of Europe.

 As noted by Dr. Simon Goddek, Western Media was up-to-the-minute with reports on the Wagner Group’s Insurrection That Wasn’t

Perhaps it’s no surprise that nearly every mainstream report on the matter was wrong. 

Regardless, President Volodymyr Zelensky is at the forefront of the information war — spreading good cheer and whatever else at the behest of his globalist masters:

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