French Riots Spread To Belgium, Switzerland, Reports Of Rioters Targeting Christians, Conservatives


by Sandy Malone at

Paris, FRANCE – There have been at least 40 attacks on police stations, 270 officers have been wounded, and more than 3,000 rioters have been arrested as violence rocked numerous cities in France for the fifth night in a row following the officer-involved shooting of a Muslim teen.

The riots began in Paris and its suburbs but have spread to other cities and towns across the country.

The violent protests also spread to French-speaking areas in Switzerland and Belgium, according to The Telegraph.

Rioters in Belgium have torched cars and used fireworks as weapons against law enforcement officers who are trying to quell the violence, the Express reported.

Mainstream media in Europe and the United States have largely ignored the violent, immigrant-led riots and referred to them as “unrest,” and French President Emmanuel Macron has blamed the chaos on social media, video games, and bad parenting.

But there are rumors that French military leaders have told Macron to get the violence under control before they step in and handle it.

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