‘The Worst Of The Worst’: Gilbert Arenas Rails Against LGBT Community


by COREY WALKER at dailycaller.com

Former Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas slammed the LGBT community in a viral VladTV interview released Sunday.

The former basketball star sat down with hip hop journalist DJ Vlad for a wide-ranging discussion. Arenas eventually redirected the conversation to the LGBT community and accused them of engaging in “unfair” behavior. (RELATED TO: University Adds ‘Fae/Faer’ To List Of 15 Pronouns With Which Students Can Identify)

“The LGBT, I think it’s the most unfair group walking the planet right now,” Arenas said.

DJ Vlad asked Arenas to expand on his thoughts.

“They have a playbook that only they are playing by, that they can only see, no one else gets to see this playbook, but we’re being judged by everything that’s in this playbook, but we don’t know it,” Arenas added.

Arenas criticized the alleged efforts to “cancel” people over not using an individual’s preferred pronouns. He argued that society is still acclimating to these concepts, and the LGBT community should show more patience.

“There’s no open dialogue about what is appropriate, what’s not. We only find out after we fuck up,” Arenas said.

“How do we know? You’re making it up as you go.”

“Having an argument with someone from the LGBT, fucking suicide,” Arenas continued.

“They have the whole dictionary to use against you. Right, they can say whatever the fuck they want. They can technically make a straight man gay.”

Arenas bemoaned that homosexuals could make slanderous comments about straight men. However, if a straight man made fun a gay person, they would face harsh consequences.

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