“Why did the ADL just defend discrimination against Asians?”

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by William A. Jacobson at legalinsurrection.com

My appearance on the Top Story Podcast on JNS with Jonathan Tobin: “Many of the mainstream, so-called Jewish organizations, particularly like ADL, that grew up fighting anti-Semitism, have now sold themselves out to the progressive movement.”

I appeared earlier this week on JNS’s podcast Top Story with Jonathan Tobin. (Video at bottom of post.)

If you don’t know JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) you really need to. They have great and sensible coverage, unlike lefty outlets like The Forward and Haaretz. If you don’t know Jonathan Tobin, the Editor-in-Chief of JNS, then you really, really need to. He is one of the most prolific and brilliant writers out there.

I was on the JNS podcast twice previously, William Jacobson: Boycotted for Publishing the Truth (December 14, 2021), and William Jacobson: ADL is mired in leftist ideology (September 15, 2022). Jonathan and I also were co-panelists for a Webinar: The Failure of Jewish Leadership ‘Where is the ADL?’ (March 10, 2021) organized by The Jewish Leadership Project.

So as you can tell, one of the things Jonathan and I like to talk to each other about is the abysmal failure of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which once was a leader in fighting anti-Semitism and now, since former Obama aide Jonathan Greenblatt took over, is just a leftist social justice group that serves as a de facto arm of the Democrat party seeking to demonize and censor right of center voices.

ADL came up on the podcast this week, though it wasn’t the main topic, due to its robotic entirely-predictable opposition to the Asian students challenging affirmative action in the Harvard/UNC cases. A snippet is at the start of the podcast, and the rest of the ADL discussion starts at the 38:30 mark.

Most of the discussion was about the SCOTUS decisions in the Harvard/UNC case and in the Colorado website designer free speech case. There’s even a reference by me to this Seinfeld episode.

Sorry, no transcription. You’ll just have to listen.

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