Woke Actor Richard Gere Shares Video Asking Fans To Help Flood Europe With More Refugees—But It’s Who He’s Standing With In The Video That Says Everything


by Patty McMurray at 100percentfedup.com

Woke Hollywood liberal actor Richard Gere is set to testify against Italy’s former interior minister Matteo Salvini over his refusal to allow a Spanish ship filled with refugees to dock in an Italian port in 2019.

Over the weekend, a video featuring the Hollywood actor Richard Gere went viral on Twitter. The video showed the 72-year-old actor standing near the water as he pleaded for his fans to send money to “Open Arms,” a group that’s responsible for rescuing the boat of refugees Matteo Salvini refused entry into Italy in 2019.

In the video, the leftist actor is surrounded by all male refugees who Gere appears to be bragging about helping to smuggle into Italy against the wishes of the majority of Italians.

“All hands onboard would have been lost,” the 72-year-old actor dramatically states in the video.

The Hollywood actor told added, “I already came to Lampedusa two or three years ago to visit the migrant hotspot, so I knew the situation first-hand. They are people who have lived horrible stories. They have suffered a lot. They call them migrants, but they are refugees who need help.”

But it’s who’s standing with Gere in the video that should be raising a lot of eyebrows, as liberals seem to be ignoring the fact that much like the illegal aliens who are crossing the border into the USA via the Mexican border, a shockingly high number of these invaders are military-aged men. Where are the women and children? Are the women and children coming from the mostly Muslim population of the Middle East and Africa not oppressed?

Furthermore, why is woke actor Richard Gere whining about the mistreatment of uninvited refugees like the military-aged young man seen below wearing a substantial gold chain around his neck when America’s wide open borders are causing women and children to be raped and tortured by Mexican drug cartels and coyotes, while Hollywood liberals look the other way?


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