Minnesota Planned Parenthood Offering Teens a $150 Gift Card to Attend Sex Ed Summer Camp

Minnesota Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Camp

by Mary Chastain at legalinsurrection.com

Who would trust Planned Parenthood to teach anyone about sex education?

The Minnesota Planned Parenthood has offered kids as young as 13 years old a $100 or $150 gift card to enroll in its sex ed summer camp.

Fox News reported Planned Parenthood canceled the one for 13-15-year-olds due to low enrollment.

But the one for 15-18-year-olds is still open.

A minor needs a parent or guardian’s permission to participate in sex education.

Weird. I cannot find “parent permission” on the form.

found information on the website concerning the 13-15-year-old summer camp. It should have lasted three weeks. No specifics on the topics. I mean, sex education is pretty broad.

So gross.

Karin, a concerned mother, went on Fox & Friends to discuss the camp. She wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention:

Karin, a home educator and Minnesota mom of six, is among those who are upset. She said Sunday on “Fox & Friends Weekend” her top three concerns about the program relate to predatory behaviors, “grooming” children to become sexually active at a young age, and explicit materials taught at the camp.

“I care passionately about the wellbeing of all children and the generation my kids are growing up alongside,” she said. “I think most parents and most families would firmly agree that we don’t want people sexualizing our children and that’s exactly what this camp will do.”

Karin said she believes it is “critical” for parents to be aware of the material caught in the camp, including what she considers “explicit instruction” on how to perform oral, anal and vaginal sex.

“I think they’re just trying to get at kids any way they can, and it’s actually extremely disturbing. They’re incentivizing this with money. I think it’s a very fine line between giving a teen financial incentive to talk about sexual activity and role-play, things regarding it versus crossing the line to actually physically performing that activity and getting paid for doing it.”

“I think this really feeds into conditioning kids for sex trafficking,” she said, adding that parents’ priority should be on protecting their kids.


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