How Russiagate Hoax Killed Mainstream Media



Starting in 2016, hundreds of reporters working for dozens of news organizations worked in concert to sell the lie that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to subvert the election. We now know that the only actual collusion that occurred was between the mainstream media, the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic Party, and the Deep State.

Consequently, if credibility is the lifeblood of journalism, the mainstream media is dead. So says not only investigative journalist Ashley Rindsberg, but also Jeff Gerth of the Columbia Journalism Review, who produced an extensive investigative report on the matter in January. Naturally, the media refused to cover it.

Rindsberg sums up the establishment media nicely: “a morass of malfeasance greased by naked ambition and ideological bias.” It is no longer in the business of informing. As with its ally the Deep State, its purpose is to empower leftists.

The mainstream media is comprised of professional liars who hate regular Americans and despise everything they value. Why would you listen to them?

On a tip from Blackjack. Hat tip: Frontpage Magazine.

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