WATCH: Grassley ERUPTS Over DOJ ‘Disappearing’ 17 Tapes ‘Incriminating’ Biden In Bribery Probe


by Mark Steffen at

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley (R-IA) on Monday lit into the Justice Department for redacting references to 17 recordings of phone calls involving President Biden and his son Hunter Biden from an internal FBI form turned over alleging the president took a bribe in exchange for assisting in the dismissal of a Ukrainian prosecutor.

Sen. Grassley, speaking with Larry Kudlow on Fox Business, said he looks forward to coming testimony by FBI Director Christopher Wray with the House Judiciary Committee and hopes the director will explain why he blacked out a reference to the recorded phone calls in a copy of the FD1023 form turned over to Congress late month. The form, which is used to collect testimony from witnesses and whistleblowers, is said to contain allegations that President Biden accepted a $5 million bribe and that a Ukrainian official has tapes containing additional evidence. Director Wray turned over the form to House Republicans after facing looming contempt of Congress charges.

“Representative [James] Comer (R-KY) and I have read an unredacted document of the 1023 that we’re talking about and then in order to satisfy the House they thought they could get away with bringing that document… for members of the House Oversight Committee to read, and then guess what? The line talking about the 17 recorded phone calls was redacted. It wasn’t redacted in the document that I and Comer read. And so I hope Wednesday somebody in the House Committee will ask Wray why that was redacted for the House to see when I know what those lines said. Seventeen phone calls supposedly recorded by somebody in Ukraine, two of them with then Vice Pressident Joe Biden and 15 of them with Hunter Biden,” Grassley said.

Allegations of bribery have dogged President Biden since emails between Hunter Biden and business associates were uncovered by Rep. Comer and the House Oversight Committee referencing the “big guy” who was aware of or even sanctioned business deals that proved extremely lucrative for members of the Biden family. Rep. Comer has claimed up to nine Biden family members were involved in a scheme to lobby on behalf of foreign governments in exchange for millions of dollars in payments funneled through various shell corporations. Some of these business deals were targeted by federal prosecutors who last month reached a deal with the president’s son for no prison time in exchange for guilty pleas to several tax avoidance crimes. President Biden has responded angrily to questions from reporters about his involvement, which he continues to deny.


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