Dems Worries Growing Over 3rd Party Candidates

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Democrats have growing worries about the 2024 election.

Cornel West has announced a 3rd party presidential bid and Democrats are growing worried about it.

He will be running as a member of the Green Party.

The Hill reported:

Cornel West’s third-party presidential campaign is stirring up unpleasant flashbacks to 2016 for members of the Democratic Party, some of whom are starting to grow anxious about the effect it could have on President Biden’s reelection.

West, a philosopher, Ivy League academic and leftist, recently announced he is newly registered with the Green Party as he seeks to challenge Biden and the eventual Republican nominee for the White House.

Now, some prominent figures supporting Biden, from the head of the Democratic National Committee to veteran campaign hands, are already sounding the alarm about his quixotic White House run.

“This is not the time in order to experiment. This is not the time to play around on the margins,” warned DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison, a close Biden confidant, over the weekend.

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin has also not ruled out a 3rd party challenge to Joe Biden.

Fox News reported:

Sen. Joe Manchin’s planned trip to a “No Labels” event in the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire has some Democrats worried he could mount a “spoiler” reminiscent of late Texas industrialist Ross Perot in 1992.

Manchin, D-W. Va, who has not yet announced his official intent to run for re-election in 2024, is seen as one of the last 20th century-style moderates in the caucus.

The senator recently told reporters his participation at the event is not a formal indication of third-party intentions, However, he later added that he’s “never ruled out anything or [ruled] in anything… this is strictly a conference we’re having.”


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