Photos That Surfaced This Morning From The Summit Shows That NATO Have Turned Their Backs On Zelensky After His Latest Outrage – The Look On His Face Says It All

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by Bruce Hoenshell at

NATO’s refusal to set a timeline earned Zelensky’s ire.

I realize his country was invaded by Russia and that his counter-offensive has not gone as planned, but as a leader, part of diplomacy is maintaining a level head. That’s especially true when the other nations he’s attacking are paying his bills and funding his war effort.

After his latest outrage which is not his first it seems that NATO has turned its back on him.

A click from the NATO Summit at Vilnius, Lithuania has surfaced online where Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is spotted standing alone while other delegates are busy networking and greeting each other. The picture shot at the family photograph ahead of the social dinner alleges that the President was left isolated amidst decisions over Ukraine joining NATO.

Was Zelensky left alone with other leaders refusing to indulge in a conversation with him? Despite a still from the international meeting spreading such an idea, the truth is unknown. Meanwhile, if one closely looks at the viral photo, we can see Zelensky’s wife Olena Zelenska having walked a few steps apart from him to greet a female leader at the Summit.

When the two women exchanged a courteous handshake, the frame at the moment saw Zelensky standing alone, making people think that not many welcomed his presence there. Netizens began to tweet the picture and say, “Members of the US delegation in Brussels are angry with Volodymyr Zelensky because he has described NATO as an “unstable” Alliance.”

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