‘You have screwed us’: Hollywood superhero seriously put in his place

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by WND Staff at wnd.com

It’s now the U.S. Oil & Gas Association that is putting actor Mark Ruffalo, who famously played the Hulk in one of the iterations of that cartoon superhero, in his place.

He had unleashed, just days ago, a rant about the industry the USOGA represents.

“For all you climate deniers who have worked for the oil and gas industry – mostly you flagrant politicians, you have screwed us, your children, and the generations to come. All for greed and selfishness. Especially Lee Raymond and Exxon,” he said.

In fact, so-called global warming is anything but a settled science, as literally stacks of predictions about the end-times catastrophes that have been expected, the flooding, the worldwide desertification, the massive deaths, all have failed the come true.

Multiple “experts” predicted a number of years ago that by now, there would be no winter in the U.K. and the Arctic would be barren of ice.

A report at Just the News documented the USOGA response to Ruffalo.

“We don’t care what you think,” the business organization explained. “You should be grateful that millions of workers in the energy industry were willing to show up with our kids and pay 15 bucks to watch your movies.

“A simple thank you would suffice.”

It also aimed at Ruffalo’s career, pointing out that “CGI and digital artists” essentially have made his fame.

Ruffalo, who boasts online he’s a “climate justice advocate,” has drawn criticism before. In 2016 he was branded a hypocrite for jetting to London to accept an award.

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