A Pundit With a Point

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by Sundance at theconservativetreehouse.com

Generally speaking I skip most punditry stuff nowadays simply because it is fraught with too much pretending. Factually, when the baseline of the review is grounded on a false premise, the sequential review of potential outcomes is flawed and generally irrelevant.

That said, this is one of the rare punditry opinions that hits close to accurate {direct rumble link}.  Everything in this brief segment is close to the mark, Ned Ryun is at least one of those pundits who actually hits the target.  The flaw, part of the pretending that he misses, is in the outlook that if “republicans” -implying the RNC- can generate a ballot harvesting operation to compete, then Trump will defeat Newsom.

The issue Ryun misses is that professional republicans, the private corporations that are assembled under the unity banner of the professional republican apparatus (RNC), when given the Trump vs Newsom scenario, do not want Trump to defeat Newsom.  The win/win scenario for the multinationals is a Trump defeat, irrelevant of the victor, that’s the major flaw within the pretending issue inherent in almost all political analysis.  WATCH:

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