Trump Warns About China’s Worrying Move: Beijing Must Have Something on Biden


by C. Douglas Golden at

China is making moves that should have startled U.S. national security experts — and, if you ask former President Donald Donald Trump, it’s because Xi Jinping has something on President Joe Biden.

In an appearance on Lou Dobbs’ “The Great America Show” on Monday, Trump said Beijing treated his administration with “respect” — something that’s clearly been lost under Biden’s administration.

Most notably, a June report said China and Cuba are in talks for a permanent Chinese military training base roughly 100 miles off the coast of the United States in the communist island nation. The Wall Street Journal reported that Biden administration officials were trying to dissuade Cuba to back off and rebuff Beijing.

The Journal report came just a day after Biden Secretary of State Antony Blinken wrapped up talks with Chinese officials.

It also came less than two weeks after the Journal also reported the Chinese had reached a secret agreement with the Cuban government to establish an electronic listening facility on the island. The base is part of “Project 141,” a Chinese move to expand its worldwide military footprint.

“They didn’t treat us like they treat these people [the Biden administration] the way they lecture us and tell us they laugh at our people, our representatives, but in particular, they laugh at our president,” the leading GOP 2024 presidential candidate told Dobbs on Monday, according to Just the News.

So, why the disrespect? Well, to hear Trump tell it, it’s because Biden is compromised.


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