Dem Rep Says Biden’s DOJ, FBI And IRS ‘Keep This Democracy In Check’

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Democrat Maryland Rep. Kweisi Mfume said that the Department of Justice (DOJ), the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) all “keep this democracy in check” during the testimony of two IRS whistleblowers on Wednesday.

“Here’s what gals me. I don’t like these attacks on the Department of Justice, the FBI, the IRS as if they are somehow anti-U.S. agencies,” Mfume said. “Those agencies keep this democracy in check. It keeps them in float. They provide the checks and they provide the balances.”

Mfume disregarded the criminal investigation into the Biden family as “ludicrous” and blasted the House Oversight Committee for ignoring “the biggest investigation in our nation’s history” into former President Donald Trump. Mfume expressed visible frustration with criticisms against the FBI, DOJ and IRS.

“I want to congratulate my colleagues for almost distracting us from the biggest investigation going on in our country and in our nation’s history involving the former president,” Mfume said.

“We could be, quite frankly, using our time to better talk about crime in America that is affecting everybody,” Mfume said. “This is ludicrous. Beam me up, Scottie. There’s no intelligent life down here. None.”

The House Oversight Committee has been investigating the DOJ, FBI and IRS for misconduct in their investigations into criminality committed by Hunter Biden and President Joe Biden. Committee Chair James Comer scolded the leaders of those organizations for their “cover-up” of the family’s criminal activity.


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