As Biden’s Politicized DOJ Targets Trump With Another Bogus Arrest and Indictment, Trump Continues Lead For GOP Nomination

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by Robert Romano at

As Former President Donald Trump has warned his supporters on social media that the Justice Department is planning to arrest and indict him once again — this time for supposed insurrection charges for Jan. 6, 2021, U.S. Capitol riot his administration suppressed in real-time — polling indicates that the targeting of Trump may be helping him politically to lock up the Republican nomination for 2024.

In the latest batch of national polls in the average, Trump continues to his nearest rival, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, by an average of 32.8 percentage points, or 53.7 percent to 20.9 percent.

Call it the law of unintended consequences. The political goal, as it has been since the failed impeachment of Trump when he was leaving office, is to disqualify Trump from even running under Sections 3 and 5 of the Fourteenth Amendment — which would take votes in Congress — for something he didn’t even do, and for something the Senate already acquitted him of.

Doing so does considerable damage to our electoral system, potentially leaving the question of who is the next president behind closed doors, with 12 jurors making the first critical decision to convict and then once again in the halls of Congress to disqualify him.

159.7 million people voted in the last election, the largest nominal turnout in American history. That’s where the decision for 2024 or any election should rightly be — with the American people.

What is ironic is that Trump’s political foes in the Biden administration and state governments targeting him with wrongful prosecutions cannot see how this bolsters Trump politically. He has been repeatedly targeted by federal intelligence agencies and the Justice Department, first with the Russigate hoax that falsely accused him of being a Russian agent. The documents he declassified by removing them from office while he was still president, and now for the U.S. Capitol riot he had no part in.

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